A Decade Later, Here We Are

Now, how do you write these words without being beaten with clubs, while still using them accurately to explain how the current application of these words in America are preventing democracy? Maybe I’d better go out and buy a shield….. Lord knows I won’t be defended. Those who agree will stand silently on the sidelines cheering in their heads or sending me private messages that no one else will see, but not standing up with me in public.

My own family will verbally beat me to a pulp and tell me how crazy I am. It’s just too bad that I can’t see it their way. Their way has never supported my being a mother or a teacher. Their way has never allowed me to do what is right for my children or my students. Their way means I hand my children over and take the abuse assigned to my children or myself and I obediently obey and remain silent. I am, after all, just the vessel used to bring these beings into the world.