These creatures are quite noisy. I have no idea what they are saying or what they want, but they rant at the slightest things. Some of them are scared of us and I have no idea why. They pull out their pitchforks and guns and shout all manner of horrible noises while we stand there looking at them wondering where we can find a drink of water.

Hospitality is sorely lacking. They do seem to have a variety of creatures surrounding them that come in all manner of shapes and sizes. Some are furry. Some fly. Some seem to stay in the water all the time. I don’t know how they can breathe in there, but they seem alright.

Perhaps this isn’t the planet for us. I was hoping for a peaceful vacation, but this just isn’t cutting it for us. I would recommend finding another destination vacation for anyone who is considering earth for your next adventure. Although the greenery is nice when you can find it. It looks like they have done away with much of it and I have no idea why they would do that. It’s like they don’t even like the house they live in.

I don’t understand them. They are too high strung and short-sighted so I doubt they would make hospitable hosts. It’s too bad, our King was ready to provide a handsome patronage to their planet to make it a long-standing collaboration that would prove fruitful for all involved, but it appears they don’t want that.

Do you have any ideas on where we should go? I’m just so disappointed right now. I may even cut our trip short and not even try to stay the full week. I’m afraid of what they may do to us if we do try to stay.