Author: Shella Zelenz

Shella Zelenz is a global traveler and seeker of truth. Her various endeavors have involved her in nonprofit management and support, education, the arts, as well as numerous research fields. She has always been in search of information and answers to the problems she saw before her. When she isn’t writing, she is listening to music from around the world or partaking in international television and film. In her travels, she often sought destinations in order to better understand the history and how their experiences have shaped them as a people. She has traveled 26 countries with her family and their dog. They also managed to pick up a cat along the way while in Panama. Her work has also facilitated publication for medical and research journals as well as privately published books. Her newly released book, “RootEd: How Trauma Impacts Learning and Society” is available for purchase worldwide.

Got the Travel Bug?

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Inspiring Women on a Mission

Inspiring Women on a Mission is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity in Tolleson, Arizona. The focus of our efforts is to help fight and alleviate the realities in our communities within Maricopa County that contribute to hunger, financial hardship, and homelessness. This includes helping victims of domestic violence to have what they need to start over..

“Too High”

I’m not a groupie kind of person. I’m not a clique kind of person. I’m not someone who throws anyone on a pedestal and worships them (guru worship). I always look for the strengths in any person, place, or thing that I encounter, even the horrid ones. It can be hard in extreme cases, but..

Efficiency and Deep Learning Means Taking Time

I originally wrote this on October 29, 2013 on the Badass Teacher’s Association Blog. All photos and videos are from my time teaching at Meadowbrook Middle School in Poway, California 2003-2004. I can’t even begin to tell you the number of times I have been interviewed and the moment I discuss the time I take..

A Decade Later, Here We Are

A Decade Later, Here We Are I wrote this in 2013…. now look where we are today… Re-reading a blog post I wrote this morning thinking perhaps in my feeling ill, I might have been harsh in my writing. So, I’m sitting here re-reading it. What is perplexing me is how word choice that is..

Angelic Housing Resources Foundation, Inc.

Angelic Housing Resources Foundation, Inc. (AHRF) is a nonprofit organization located in Sacramento, California. AHRF provides housing, essential services for basic needs, and financial literacy education for a truly diverse and underserved community. Those we serve are often facing economic challenges, homelessness, or suffer some form of disability. We provide them with safe and affordable..

Ode to the Single Mom

It can feel overwhelming having everything fall on your shoulders. No child support makes it financially impossible at times. No family support makes you feel alone in the world. No partner to share your fears or concerns makes you feel isolated. However, all it takes is one moment of your child expressing his greatest fears..

Musings on Teaching and Learning

A friend was recently discussing with me her frustration with kids not wanting to learn things in her classes. I am sitting here right now listening to Norwegian lullabies and noticing the different cadence patterns from what most western songs have and I started analyzing this. As I realized what I was doing, I started..

Wild Animals in War

It's like we're in war.I'm a nurse taking care of the wounded, but I'm also wounded.Despite my efforts, the wounded keep my wounds fresh.I understand the common wounding, but they are like wild animals attacking anything that comes near their wounds.They kill me to protect themselves.

Musings on Control

It really does matter who you spend your time with and who you expose yourself to. You get sucked into the throes of whatever goes on for people. That does not mean you can't be there for people. Being there and empowering them OUT of the ditch is completely different from being there and being..