Category: Nonprofit

Inspiring Women on a Mission

Inspiring Women on a Mission is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity in Tolleson, Arizona. The focus of our efforts is to help fight and alleviate the realities in our communities within Maricopa County that contribute to hunger, financial hardship, and homelessness. This includes helping victims of domestic violence to have what they need to start over..

Angelic Housing Resources Foundation, Inc.

Angelic Housing Resources Foundation, Inc. (AHRF) is a nonprofit organization located in Sacramento, California. AHRF provides housing, essential services for basic needs, and financial literacy education for a truly diverse and underserved community. Those we serve are often facing economic challenges, homelessness, or suffer some form of disability. We provide them with safe and affordable..

Musings on Teaching and Learning

A friend was recently discussing with me her frustration with kids not wanting to learn things in her classes. I am sitting here right now listening to Norwegian lullabies and noticing the different cadence patterns from what most western songs have and I started analyzing this. As I realized what I was doing, I started..

San Diego Chorus

The San Diego Chorus is a chapter of Sweet Adelines International, a Nonprofit all-women’s chorus. We are a musical education society for women, committed to fostering musical skills, promoting personal growth through leadership, and providing performance opportunities. We welcome women 14 years and older to join the chorus. There is no upper age limit and..

Varnette P. Honeywood Foundation

The Varnette P. Honeywood Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established around the artistic legacy of Ms. Honeywood’s more than 40-year extensive contribution to the artwork of the African American culture. Her work was so well loved, that during the 1990s, Honeywood illustrated a series of 12 books by Bill Cosby, the Little Bill books..

Project Possum

Project PoSSUM, an acronym for Polar Suborbital Science in the Upper Mesosphere, is a 501(c)(3) research and education organization that offers hands-on programs to enable students to become scientist astronaut candidates and participate in our ongoing research of the upper atmosphere—the region that is most sensitive to changes in global climate. Project PoSSUM, and acronym..

Stars CDC

S.T.A.R.S. Community Development Corporation (STARSCDC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to uplifting disadvantaged communities in Las Vegas through disruption of at-risk lifestyles, empowering individuals and families for success. We provide innovative accessible opportunities for all ages uplifting communities and optimizing existing social programs.Our primary focus is mentoring youth by expanding our services that provide early..

Faithful Covenant Foundation

Faithful Covenant Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2014. The purpose of Faithful Covenant Foundation is to provide food and basic needs to extremely destitute families who do not otherwise have the means to help themselves. This effort is done primarily through emergency food and relief to the disadvantaged and vulnerable on both a..

NYC Arts Cypher

The NYC Arts Cypher is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Staten Island, New York. The focus of the NYC Arts Cypher is to promote positive values through arts programming, training, education, and events. We focus on the youth in our community, especially those who are considered at-risk and challenged in the traditional educational environment...

South Asian Helpline and Referral Agency

The Asian Taskforce Against Domestic Violence identified that “44% of South Asians surveyed know a woman who has been physically abused or injured by her partner.” Two critical areas that make these issues difficult for the South Asian community to address are cultural and religious stigma. “Domestic violence (DV) in the South Asian communities in America has..