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I’m not a groupie kind of person. I’m not a clique kind of person. I’m not someone who throws anyone on a pedestal and worships..
It can feel overwhelming having everything fall on your shoulders. No child support makes it financially impossible at times. No family support makes you feel..
People can’t handle seeing me as strong and vulnerable. It creates a disturbing instability in their minds, and they discredit the moment they see that..
It's like we're in war.I'm a nurse taking care of the wounded, but I'm also wounded.Despite my efforts, the wounded keep my wounds fresh.I understand..
It really does matter who you spend your time with and who you expose yourself to. You get sucked into the throes of whatever goes..
Have you ever noticed that those who do things like tattoos, jewelry in “uncivilized fashion,” and hair like this are considered savage?You seem to think..