People can’t handle seeing me as strong and vulnerable. It creates a disturbing instability in their minds, and they discredit the moment they see that vulnerability after thinking I was a solid rock they could follow, and it would somehow take care of them and protect them. This is also what I feel I’m dealing with in regard to my friends and their support. They’ve seen the vulnerability, so they discredit the strength.

To follow someone who only will allow you to see the strength is exactly how predators come into power. Blind trust of those who represent a fantasy human is dangerous. To follow those who are strong and honest about their vulnerability, who can teach you how to manage your own vulnerability and empower you to grow in strength with them, are real leaders.


I am not looking to be anyone’s blind trusted guru. I don’t want that level of narcissistic attachment (codependency) to be invited into my efforts. If they need someone to remain vulnerable so that they feel more confident, that is the opposite of strength. Empowerment comes from balancing strength and vulnerability side by side.